This season, granite lovers are swooning over a mix of white, black, blue, and gold granite color mix. These versatile colors aren’t just fashionable; they are a canvas for design exploration in terms of color and texture. There is a diverse range of these trendy stone colors suitable for every interior.


  1. Andromeda White Granite
    • Origin: Sri LankaPrice: $56/sq ft
    Andromeda White granite boasts a modern flair, deviating subtly from pure white countertops. This speckled stone sports gray veins, black grains, and beige specks, blending seamlessly with both traditional and modern kitchens. This stone isn’t just for countertops but also finds its place in mosaics, fountains, and wall capping due to its versatile nature. Its light surface contrasts beautifully with darker tones, adding texture to all-white kitchens while blending well with neutral palettes.
  2. Colonial White Granite Color
    • Origin: IndiaPrice: $44/sq ft
    Colonial White, an off-white granite, resembles cookies and cream ice cream with brown and rose-colored flakes alongside smokey gray patches and black speckles. It’s a perfect fit for both dark and light kitchens, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, especially when paired with light wooden cabinets.
  3. Alaska White Granite
    • Origin: Brazil and IndiaPrice: $47/sq ft
    Alaska White granite stands out with dense Onyx patches, making it the most striking among white granite varieties. With its interplay of white, silver, gray, and black, this cool-toned stone complements various cabinet colors, from white to blue, brown, and gray.


  1. Nordic Black Granite
    • Origin: RussiaPrice: $71/sq ft
    Nordic Black granite’s mineral structure refracts light, showcasing metallic-colored grains and white veins. Its durability makes a bold statement on light or dark cupboards and blends well with gold and copper accents.
  2. Desert Dream Granite Color
    • Origin: BrazilPrice: $68/sq ft
    Pricier but opulent, Desert Dream granite features a striking combination of black, gray, cream, burnt orange, and gold. Its dramatic appearance elevates kitchen and bathroom aesthetics, especially when paired with gold or copper finishes.
  3. Black Galaxy Granite
    • Origin: IndiaPrice: $44/sq ft
    Black Galaxy granite, known for its durability and beauty, boasts copper, gold, and white flecks due to bronzite deposits. Its deep black background with hints of green and white looks mesmerizing, especially when highly polished.


  1. Amadeus Granite
    • Origin: India, Finland, and BrazilPrice: $49/sq ft
    With stunning dark red and green shades, Amadeus granite adds a dynamic touch to kitchen countertops. Its dramatic veining creates a flowing pattern resembling moving water, best suited for larger spaces.
  2. Blue Pearl Granite
    • Origin: NorwayPrice: $49/sq ft
    Blue Pearl granite’s duck-egg blue blotches against a dark gray background give a magical, mother-of-pearl-like effect, making it an eye-catching alternative to classic black and white granite.
  3. Brass Blue Granite
    • Origin: IndiaPrice: $44/sq ft
    Brass Blue granite, resembling aerial views of sea swells, exhibits a dark background with blue veins and patches of white and gray. Its cool undertones work well in various interiors, especially for those fond of blue.